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3mm Acrylic Reef Tank Coral Frag Holders

Aquarium Reef Tank Coral Frag / Plug holder - Perfect for keeping all your frags safe and secure, Available in three styles with 2, 5, or 10 holes - all fabricated from 3mm acrylic sheet, supplied complete with 30mm round cup suckers.

  • AFH-2 - 2 hole Acrylic Frag Holder, 55mm long: Price (inc p&p) 6.50
  • AFH-5 - 5 hole Acrylic Frag Holder, 135mm long: Price (inc p&p) 7.50
  • AFH-10 - 10 hole Acrylic Frag Holder, 275mm long: Price (inc p&p) 10.50
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