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Acrylic Frag Holders

Aquarium Reef Tank Coral Frag / Plug holder - Perfect for keeping all your frags safe and secure, Available in three styles with 2, 5, or 10 holes - all fabricated from 3mm acrylic sheet, supplied complete with 30mm round cup suckers.

  • AFH-2 - 2 hole Acrylic Frag Holder,
    55mm long: Price (inc p&p) 6.50
  • AFH-5 - 5 hole Acrylic Frag Holder,
    135mm long: Price (inc p&p) 7.50
  • AFH-10 - 10 hole Acrylic Frag Holder,
    275mm long: Price (inc p&p) 10.50
Marine Frag Holder - Cornwall Custom Designs


Marine Frag Holder - Cornwall Custom Designs

Our Acrylic Frag Racks provide an easy way of attaching your coral frags to the side wide of your marine aquarium. Our product features suction cups that will provide a secure attachment to the aquarium wall.

The precise, laser cut, design allows the user to easily place corals into the rack as well as provide rigidity and stability during use. The platform was designed to withstand powerful water currents as not obscure lighting for the corals. Our product is guaranteed to exceed expectations, and is designed with versatility in mind.

Frag rack platform 33mm wide X 38mm high

Holds up to: 2 to 10 frag plugs holes with 13mm or smaller diameter stems (please specify if different hole diameters are needed). NB. sizes are nominal and subject to change due to the manufacturing/forming process.
Rinse items thoroughly before use.

Made in the Cornwall

maring Frag Holder - Cornwall Custom Designs

AFH-2 Acrylic Frag Holder with Limeberry Hystrix frag and Stylaphora Milka frag.

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